Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips Used by Top Brands

Have you ever wondered why your business isn’t getting the most out of your digital marketing campaigns? Or why do top brands seem to dominate every digital platform?

While it’s true that these brands have more funding and can afford to spend much more on their marketing campaigns, it’s not the only reason for their success. These brands have established digital marketing departments and experts that know the tricks of getting more conversions online.

Fortunately, you can apply the same tips to improve your digital marketing campaigns. A good digital marketing expert in Cardiff will help you compete with the big brands by using the top conversion tips and tricks used by the top digital marketers worldwide.

This article will cover the top tactics used by large brands to improve their digital marketing campaigns. It will also show you how you can implement these tips in your campaigns.

So, let’s get into it!

Why Do Successful Brands Get More Out of Their Campaigns?

While many people see the large budgets, very few see the expertise, tactics, and market research behind the campaigns of successful brands. Successful brands are willing to invest in the best marketing experts, which is why you should too.

So, if you want to be successful in implementing these marketing tips, then have a top digital marketing expert in Cardiff manage your campaign for you.

Successful Brands Do What Unsuccessful Brands Don’t

While it may seem obvious, it's not as simple when you compare the marketing campaign of a company like Coca-Cola and your local floral boutique. Both brands may run Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but in most cases, Coca-Cola will get a high conversion rate from their ads.

So, how do they do this?

Here are some tricks that large brands use to make their digital campaigns more successful:

1. They Have a Strategy

Do you simply wake up one day and decide “I’m going to run Google Ads” and then go on and create a campaign? Many smaller businesses do this.

Even though you may know your customer and you’ve done the basic research, without a proper digital marketing strategy, your campaigns won’t be successful. The difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one is the strategy.

A digital marketing strategy should include:

  • Specific goals: Write down your expected conversions, return, etc.
  • Knowing your sales funnels: Write down the whole process of how to convert a sale.
  • Budget: Never keep an open budget.
  • Review Process: Having a review process allows you to improve your campaigns’ weaknesses.
  • Plan 2: Every big brand has a backup plan. If an ad doesn’t work, have a backup one that you can use. The more flexible your strategy is, the easier it is to use a plan 2.

As you can see, creating a successful digital marketing strategy is a lengthy process, which is why you should hire a digital marketing expert in Cardiff to do it for you.

2. They Look For “Quick Results”

It may seem illogical that a successful brand will look for quick results, but this is exactly what makes their campaigns so successful. Instead of creating a complex sales funnel, trying to win a customer’s “trust” and waiting for customers to make up their minds focus on getting the sale quickly.

Customers can be fickle and often change their opinions based on different marketing messages. You may be running an “awareness campaign” in the initial stage of your sales funnel while your competitor has already closed the sale in one go.

A good digital marketing agency will optimize your campaign to eliminate unnecessary steps to help you maximize conversions.

3. Their Campaigns are Based on Refined Data

One thing that differentiates big brands from smaller businesses is the use of data in marketing campaigns. Larger brands will always create a campaign after it's justified by data analysis. After all, the data doesn't lie, right?

Every aspect of digital marketing including Google Ads, effective social media marketing, and even search engine optimization is all based on good data analysis.

If you have a reliable digital marketing expert in Cardiff managing your campaign, you'll expect to receive reporting based on real-time data. This way, your campaigns will not only be more optimized but also more organized.

4. They Work with Influencers

Successful brands think outside the box, which is why they don't put all their effort into "regular" mediums like Google or Facebook Ads. Many of the successful brands use influencers to create awareness of their brand and accelerate their marketing campaigns.

Influencers may be expensive, but they are the most cost-effective way to get website traffic and boost sales online.

Best of all, you can get an influencer according to your budget. If you can’t afford a celebrity influencer that’s worth millions, get a local tik-tock star for several thousand instead!

5. Their Brand Image is Reflected in Their Website Design

If you're visiting the website of a top real estate company in the UK, you'll know that they're the best from the website design. Similarly, if you've never heard of a Tag Heuer watch before, you’ll know that it’s a quality brand if you visit their website.

The best brands have a website and brand image that are interlinked. So, instead of putting all your money on external mediums like ads, why not invest in improving your website instead?

Remember, most businesses don’t struggle to get clicks and traffic, but they struggle with conversions. To improve your conversions, you'll need to create a website that represents your brand image correctly. This applies to your social media pages, logo design, ad design, and anything that may represent your brand image online.

The Best Marketing Strategies are Interlinked

Lastly, remember that the best digital marketing strategies are interlinked. You can’t run Google Ads successfully if you don’t have a good website design and your social media campaigns won’t be successful if you have no brand presence on other digital platforms.

The best digital marketing expert in Cardiff will create the perfect strategy that interlinks ads, social media marketing, SEO strategy, and other aspects of a digital marketing campaign to help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

By - 25 Feb 2022

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