Top 8 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Are you looking for creative ways to market your ecommerce store? Have you tried many of the “regular” sales techniques with no success?

Promoting an ecommerce business can be difficult, but the results are amazing. Ecommerce is growing at a rapid rate and there’s more opportunities than ever to get a good market share.

However, you’ll have to come up with creative ways to improve your ecommerce sales and grow your website with the best ecommerce web development in the UK.

This article will cover the top sales strategies designed to boost your ecommerce sales and give you valuable tips on how to implement these strategies in your business.

Make Sure Your Website is Properly Designed

Before you can start marketing your website, you should make sure that it’s designed to give the right image of your brand. An ecommerce website should be professional and the design should reflect the niche that your products are based out of.

For example, if you’re running a baby product store, then the color patterns and logo design should be softer. You’ll also need to make sure that your product categories are well defined, the website has high usability and other design factors of the website are up to the mark.

So, before getting your ecommerce business online, make sure you invest in the best ecommerce web development in the UK.

Sales Strategies That Work

Once your website is up and running, you’ll need a good marketing strategy to get a market share, grow your brand and build a solid customer base. However, with so many ecommerce stores selling in the same niches, how do you make your brand stand out?

Here are 8 expert tips to help boost your ecommerce sales:

1. Provide Informative Content to Customers

Before you can start doing external marketing, you should first make sure that your site is up to the mark. If you doing ecommerce web development in the UK, then you’ll have to provide high quality content that presents your brand in a positive way.

This could include content like blog posts or product reviews, but should also include more essential content like accurate product descriptions, product features, FAQs, etc. If you are selling B2B, you’ll have to provide information on your business, number of employees, facilities, etc.

When you provide accurate and informative content to customers, they naturally trust your brand more and your sales will automatically increase.

2. Don’t Leave Out SEO

Many people prefer faster methods of boosting their sales which may focus on running ads. However, it’s usually the long-term strategies that will help you grow your brand.

Investing in a good SEO strategy is essential if you want to get more organic traffic and end your reliance on ads. If you’re working with the best digital marketing agency in the UK, then they’ll provide you with a few high traffic keywords on the first page within 3-6 months.

So, always include SEO as part of any marketing strategy that you create for your ecommerce store.

3. Use Smart Pricing Strategies

Another great way to boost your ecommerce sales is to use smart pricing strategies. This doesn’t mean reducing your prices or offering discounts. If your pricing method is right, you’ll be able to improve your sales without even giving discounts!

One popular pricing strategy is the “decoy” strategy. This involves setting similar products in front of the customer with drastic price differences. For example, if you’re selling baby t-shirts, you can set the first one at £5, the second at £10 and the third one at £40.

When the customer sees the £40 t-shirt, the other two options will look like bargains!

However, don’t use more than 3-5 options when offering similar products as it will ruin the desired effect.

4. Change Your CTAs

It’s impossible to undermine the importance of optimizing CTAs on a website. The call-to-action buttons will either convince the customer to purchase a product or they will push the customer away. The best CTA designs can improve your website’s conversion rate significantly.

So, when you’re looking for the best ecommerce web development in the UK, make sure to optimize your CTAs as well. You’ll be surprised at how a slight change in the CTAs on a website can boost the website conversion rate.

5. Target Previous and Existing Customers

One secret that experienced professionals use to increase their ROI is to target existing customers. Create promotions that are meant only for existing customers or add them to your email marketing campaign for better retargeting.

If a customer likes your products, they will likely buy again if you provided them with special discounts. Always keep the customer lifetime value in mind and spend a portion of your ad budget on retargeting.

6. Use Google Ads to Your Advantage

While content marketing or SEO will take time before you can start getting results, Ads are a great short-term solution. Ecommerce sales rely heavily on ads, since the majority of people search for products online with a buying intent.

If you have a reputable Google ads agency running your campaigns, then you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best possible ROI.

7. Don’t Forget Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the future of ecommerce marketing. Not all products are bought with a search intent. Many products like gifts, toys and other niche products are bought on impulse. So, if you’re selling a product with reasonable pricing or something that can be bought on impulse, then social media is the perfect platform to use.

8. Leverage the Power of Influencers

Nowadays, influencers have more power and reach than many of the top ad companies and they’re much more cost effective. Having an influencer promote your products is a great way to give an immediate boost to your brand.

Lastly, make sure your strategies are interlinked for better overall performance. Whether it be ecommerce web development in the UK, SEO or Google Ads, always keep your marketing strategies aligned for the best results.

By - 18 Feb 2022

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